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A rich mythical tradition reflects the history of island, which was first inhabited during prehistoric times. King Nireus who participated in the Trojan War became a legend, a legend which was preserved right down to Byzantine times. Simi followed the same fate as the other Dodecanese.
Its residents were highly successful sponge divers and shipbuilders and thus managed to obtain significant privileges when the island was conquered by the Turks in 1522. At that time important cultural organizations were established such as the Aghia Marina School and the Aigli Reading Room. The Protocol handing over the Dodecanese to the Allies was signed on Simi on 8th May 1945. The island was finally integrated into Greece in 1948.
  Emborios or Nimborio: A seaside village on the inlet of a leeward bay with deep blue waters. With few permanent residents it lies 3 km NW of the capital.

Panormitis: Protected bay with a pine forest behind where the monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis - the island's patron saint - is located. With few permanent residents it lies 23 km from Simi.

Pedi: A small port with charming beach in an area full of pear, olive, almond trees and grapevines. With some 80 residents it lies 2 km from Ano Simi.

Other islets in the area
Nimos: North of Simi, separated from it by a narrow strip of sea, known as the Diapori.

Seskli: South of Simi. Remains of Pelasgic walls are still to be seen.

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