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Art Glass in Contemporary Architecture
Like most art forms, architectural glass can be simply decorative, or it can make
a powerful artistic statement transforming space.
Unlike other materials where light is reflected and absorbed, glass permits light to pass through,
transforming it, interacting with space in a unique way.
Thus, an opportunity is given to create a space with a unique personality and beauty,
or else to make the difference between a very beautiful space and an unforgettable space.
The use of glass as a means of artistic expressionb but also as decorative material in Europe and America
has been established for many years.
The possibilities of application are huge and the outcome is more often than not spectacular.
Here in Greece, the regular consumer, more often than the architect or the interior decorator has very little idea
about the possibilities of glass to be used and manipulated in such a way.
The presentation of our work will make things crystal clear.
At Notis Art Glass Studio we design and create according to your wishes and desires, stained glass windows, ceilings, dividers and also original sculptures, lightings and special structures.
Studio: Krisila 24, Pagrati - Athens
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