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Island of Nisyros
Nissyros was formed by volcanic eruptions. Its history is closely linked with these events. The first residents were the Karres but there is evidence too supporting a presence by the Koes, the Thessalians and the Rhodians. Initially a member of the Athenian League the island remained free for a short time only to be united with Rhodes in 200 BC.
  The island was well known for its trade in millstones and obsidian which derived from the nearby island of Yiali. Obsidian was primarily used for manufacturing blades. The historical development of island was linked with that of Rhodes. Nissyros developed significantly particularly thanks to the Nissyrians of the diaspora living in Constantinople, Alexandria, Odessa, Smyrna and America. It was finally integrated into Greece in 1948.

The capital and port of Nissyros is Mandraki, built in the northwest of the island among the foothills. Its white houses stand out in great contrast with the dark volcanic terrain. Quite a few traditional houses retain the natural shading of the stone.
1.5 km east of the capital is Loutra renowned for its spa springs which are still in operation today.

East of Loutra lies Palli, a quaint fishing village.
Southeast of Mandraki set in the island's interior is Emborios. It is built amid an area rich in olive trees, fruiting trees, figs and grapevines and has a hot steam spring with therapeutic properties.

Nikia stands at an altitude of 400 m with a view to the sea. Its white houses, coloured door and window frames and tiled roofs blends in perfectly with the vegetation in the area.

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