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In Athens

In the town that laid the foundations for contemporary western civilization, the museums alone is enough to keep you in Greece for a long time. The wealth of the historical, folkloric, artistic and all other kinds of exhibits, permanent or temporary, which is presented to one in the capital of Greece is truly inexhaustible.

The most important museums and permanent exhibitions in Athens are the following:
The National Archaeological Museum (tel. +
It is on the corner of Patision and and Epeirou Streets with priceless exhibits all the periods and areas of the Greek world.
The Archaeological Museum of the Acropolis (tel. +
It is next to the Parthenon, with unique finds from the excavations on the rock of Acropolis.
The Archaeological Museum of the Ancient Agora (tel. +
It is in the Stoa of Attalos, next to the Thesseio with finds from excavations in the area where the first democracy in the world grew to maturity.
The Benaki Museum (tel. +
It contains many spectacular cycles from Greek art, in its course down through the centuries. The main building is at the corner of Vas. Sofias Ave. and Koumbari St.
The Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos (tel. +
It is in the cemetery of ancient Athens, with unique exhibits of artistic and historical importance and brought to light by excavations in the area. It is located at 148 Ermou St.
Goulandris Museum of Cycladic and Ancient Greek Art
(N. P. Goulandri) is at 4 Neof. Dooka St
The Numismatic Museum of Athens (tel. +
At 1 Tositsa St and has over 600,000 coins from the 7th century BC to the present. The museum was opened to the public in 1998. Contains displays tracing the history of Greek coinage and special aspects of the study of coins such as hoards, many with interactive computer components.
The Byzantine Museum (tel. +
At 22 Vas. Sofias St has exhibits, wall paintings and portable icons from the Early Christian, Byzantine and post Byzantine period.
The Kanellopoulos Museum (tel: +
  At the comer of Theorias and Panes Sts, in Plaka, has important ancient, Byzantine and more recent finds.  
The National Historical Museum, (tel. +
  In the Old Parliament building, 13 Stadiou St., has rare exhibits and mementos from the Greek War of Independence, the Balkan Wars and World War.  
The War Museum, (tel. +
At the comer of Vas. Sofias and Rizari St. has exhibits and mementos from the wars the Greeks fought, from antiquity to the present.
The Anthropological-Ethnological Museum, (tel. +
  At 47 Mikras Asias St in Goudi has the collections of the University of Athens containing utensils, weapons and other exhibitions from all the races of the world.  
The Goulandri Museum of Natural History, (tel. +
  At 13 Levidi St in Kifissia , has botanical, entomological and palentological exhibits.  
The National Gallery, (tel. +
At 50 L. Vas. Konstantinou St, has a rich collection of the works of Greek painters from the 19th and 20th century and a noteworthy collection of representative works of European painters, It also plays host to major temporary exhibitions of international importance and maintains a sculpture exhibition
The Center for the Study of the Acropolis, (tel. +
  At 2-4 Makryyianni St , has copies of the statues of the Parthenon and the entire history of the Acropolis from the Penteli quarries to the present.  
The Center for Folkloric Art and Tradition, (tel. +
At 6 Hatzimichali St, has an important collection of ceramics, wood carvings, furniture and utensils from the collection of well-known ethnographer Angeliki Hatzimichali. It houses the folk art collection and library of the former Chatzimichali Folk Museum
The Museum of Eleftherios Venizelos, (tel. +
  At 2 Christou Lada St , has books, photographs and many personal items belonging to the great Cretan politician.  
The Museum of Eleftherios Venizelos, (tel. +
  At 10 Evzonon St, has personal effects, photographs and a variety of documents from 'his important Greek Prime Minister. Also available is a library with books, which refer to Venizelos and his activities.  
The Epigraph Museum, (tel. +
  At 1 Tosita St, has tombstones and inscriptions.  
The Museum of National History, (tel. +
At 13 Stadiou St, has exhibits from the Fall of Constantinople. This building houses important administrative documents of the government, archives of Greek newspapers, many thousands of old books and archival materials from the War of Independence.
The Gennadios Library, (tel. +
  At 61 Soudias St in Kolonaki , It contains everything related to Makryyannis and the Greek War of Independence of 1821 against the Turks.  
The Greek Museum of the Theater and Study Center, (tel. +
  At 50 Akadimias St. It contains photographs of actors and famous works and objects that are used on the stage  
Historical Museum of the University of Athens, (tel. +
  At Tholou and Klepsidras Sts in Plaka. It contains books, and photographs from the oldest university in Greece.  
The Museum of Katina Paxinou, (tel. +
  At 13 Thoukidiou St., in Plaka . The museum contains the personal effects, photographs and objects from the life of the famous actress. Also on display is the Oscar she won.  
The Palamas Museum, (tel. +
  At 3 Asklipiou St. The dwelling where the famous poet spent 40 years of his life and where he wrote most of his poems. Visitors can see the poet's personal affects, his manuscripts and his notes.  
The Museum of Paleontology & Geology of the Univ. of Athens, (tel. +
  At Panepistimoupoli, Zographos.  
The Roman Agora, (tel. +
At Aiolou and Pelopida Sts.
The Shadow Puppet Theater, (tel. +
  On Vas. Sofias and D. Ralli Sts in Marousi. It contains many objects from the performances at the Shadow Puppet Theater donated by Evgenios Spatharis and his wife Fani.  
The Temple of Hephaestos and the Ancient Agora, (tel. +
  At 24 Adrianou St. In the Ancient Agora are the most important civic buildings from antiquity. Excavations have provided us with finds from the temple of Hephaestos, Aris and the Roman Agora.  
The Temple of Olympian Zeus, (tel. +
  At 1 Vas. Olgas St in Syntagma.  
The Theater of Dionysos, (tel. +
  At Aeropagitou St.  
In Piraeus
The Archaeological Museum, (tel. +
On Harilaou Trikoupi St. It contains exhibits from the 4th century BC to the Roman period, from excavations in the city of Piraeus, statues, coins, weapons and other useful objects from the daily lives of our ancestors.
The Nautical Museum of Piraeus, (tel. +
  At Marina Zea . It contains 13,000 exhibits concerned with Greek naval activities from prehistoric times to the present.  
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