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Island of Milos
Without beaches, without water, without even one square kilometer of flat land, with bare rocky slopes rising to 670 meters in height, Antimilos (or Erimomilos) is an inhospitable island for man but an ideal shelter for the beautiful wild goat of Antimilos (a rare mammal under protection).
The white rocks at Sarakiniko and the sea caves at Papafranga are the most popular places for swimming in Milos, but in July and August you will feel like a sardine in the tin!


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Pollonia, a picturesque fishermen's village which today has developed into a neat resort, is your best choice for a quite vacations. From here there is regular connection to Kimolos by a large caique (which also transports lightweight motorcycles).
In 1960, the Milos Sulphur Mines ceased to operate. The abandoned mine could have been transformed into an industrial museum or a hostel, but instead it has been left to the wear and tear of time. In the abandoned buildings one can still see the rusty tools and the personal belongings of the workers, the wagons still on the tracks and the spare parts in the storage room. The sandy beach right in front of the mines is one of the most beautiful on Milos.
  Four thousand years ago (around 2.200 B.C.), the ancient inhabitants of Milos built a large city in the northeast end of the island, which flourished for nearly a thousand years. The settlement of Filakopi owes its great prosperity to the processing and trading of obsidian, a hard volcanic rock, which was the raw material used for the manufacture of weapons and tools during the Neolithic Age. Later, ceramics, seals and jewellery were produced. Unique masterpieces of that time can be admired today in the Archaelogical Museums of Milos and Athens.  
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