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Island of Kimolos
Ancient Kimolos, a settlement of pre-classical ancient times, was situated on the southwest coast of Kimolos. Today its greatest part is under the surface of the sea, but traces of the acropolis can be seen on the islet of Aghios Andreas. Behind the beach is the town's cemetery. An inscription found in Smyrni reveals the dispute between the people of Kimolos and of Milos over the dominion of Polyaegos around 330 B.C.


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Kimolos is a very beautiful island with particular geological interest. It has the basic tourist substructure and its perfect for quiet and relaxing vacations. The inhabitants are gathered in the Horio, the one and only village of the island, where one can see the remains of a medieval castle and many churches of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In Psathi, the harbour of Kimolos, there is the little tavern "ΤΟ ΚΥΜΑ" which serves exceptionally well cooked food and fresh fish.


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