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This is an island with a history stretching back to antiquity. As can be seen from the finds at Ellinokamara, it took part in the Trojan War under the leadership of Kos. The place name Argos in Kassos' most fertile valley makes reference the Achaians and Dorians having settled here. In the 8th century BC the island belonged to Rhodes while during the Classic period it was a member of the Athenian League.
Throughout all of antiquity the island was known for the maritime and commercial prowess of its residents and for the glory and wealth they accumulated.
  Despite the destruction visited on the island and its depopulation under Turkish rule, the residents continued their peaceful activities and their performance in shipping, preserving their age-old traditions, certain of which have survived right down to this day. During the revolution in 1821 Kassos' naval and commercial fleet consisting of 83 vessels led by renowned captains such as Kantarzis, Malliarakis and Bourekas supported the struggle.
The island paid a high price for this act in June 1824 with the residents being slaughtered and properties looted. In the years thereafter Kassos followed the same fate as the other Dodecanese islands and was finally integrated into Greece in 1948.
One of the most important events from those years was the participation of residents of Kassos in digging the Suez Canal (1859-1869) with them eventually settling in Egypt, from where they provided significant remittances to the island.
  Kassos has five villages.
Fry is the island's capital and port. It lies in the centre of the villages around Boukas Bay. This bay has the shape of an eyebrow and the village takes its name from the relevant Greek word (Frydi). It was established in 1840, primarily by residents from Aghia Marina. Most houses have two stories and are in the traditional architectural style.
There are quite a few stone mansions, real works of arts, such as the Minakoulis Mansion which houses the health centre, the traditional guesthouse now housing the school, the Koutlakis Mansion and other so-called 'captain's houses'.
In front of the Town Hall in the small square is a monument by Anatolis Lazardis. Fry has 270 residents.
Aghia Marina was once chief village of Kassos and is built on a hill. It covers an extensive area. It lies 1 km from
The northern part facing the sea is called Akri, the southern part Kasteli and to the west in the area known as Dikefalos there are windmills. Aghia Marina has many mansions and captains' houses such as that of Hadji Mavris next to the Church of Aghia Marina, with its triangular door lintels.
These houses are well taken care off with balconies and courtyards full of flowers. Aghia Marina is the largest village on the island with 500 residents.

Arvanitohori lies 2.5 km from Fry. It is built at the edge of a fertile valley. There are many mansions some restored and others half in ruins. Among the houses are picturesque domed chapels. It has 240 residents.

Emborios is the island's old port and a resort with few residents now. During antiquity it flourished. Today it is a harbour for fishing caiques calling from nearby islands. It lies 500m east of Fry.

Panaghia is a village inhabited during summer above Emborios with few residents. The balconies of the houses are decorated with ornate concrete railings typical of the Dodecanese, many in the form of a rose. Emborios lies 1 km southeast of the capital.

Poli was the ancient capital of the island with Emborios as its port. Poli is built on a hill at an altitude of 220 m with a view of Fry, Aghia Marina and Panaghia. In 1912 the village was destroyed in an earthquake and rebuilt. The residents, almost all farmers and livestock breeders, divide up their properties with characteristic stone walls. The area is rocky. Poli has 70 residents. It lies 2 km southeast of Fry.

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