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Island of Ios
Ios is a cosmopolitan island which attracts young people from every corner of the earth, especially in the summer time. The clear sea, the deserted beaches and the lively nightlife at the local bars and discos attract the young people. There are 150 bars and nightclubs on the island of Ios, a record number for such a small island, only 108 square Km. Ios has 1600 inhabitants and two settlements, Chora and the harbor. The island has many bays and its harbor is deep and secure. The beaches are lovely with golden sand.
  The island was named Ios from a group of settlers known as the Iones, however the locals call it Nio (Niotes being the inhabitants).The capital of the island is Chora. The houses descend from atop the hill like a white waterfall cut by the bell-tower and the domes of the churches. On the top of the hill is the small church of Saint Nicolas and all round the remains of the medieval castle. Chora, is a very typical Cycladitic town with white houses, mills, narrow streets and many churches. The recent building craze has had a slight affect to the islands' prior image but it has still not lost its picturesque beauty. The old settlement is reserved and entrance is forbidden.  
  Other interesting places are: Maganari, one of the most beautiful places in Ios on the south east of Chora with many sandy beaches and a small port. The few locals who live there abandon it in winter. Milopotalos, a settlement with a large sandy beach, is 3 Km south east of Chora and has developed into a center of nudists, although it is forbidden. The bay of harbor: The natural, protected harbor of Ios gives the visitor the impression of a lake. The settlement is 2 Km far and the locals call it Gialo. With the recent building craze, it has been united with Kira.  
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