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Island of Ikaria
Ikaria is the ideal island for those who adore the pure and wild nature. Its marvelous natural landscapes, the archaeological interests, the calm way of life, the numerous places to fish, the crystal clear waters and above all, the cheap cost of vacations began to attract many visitors. Ikaria and the surrounding sea took their name after Daedalus' son, Ikaros, who according to Mythology fell on the rocky coasts of the island and was killed because the sun had melted his wax feathers.


  It is a large island, which until recent years was visited mainly for its healing baths. However the wealth of its natural landscapes, the archaeological interest, the calm way of life and the relatively cheap cost of vacations began to attract a great number of tourists. Still unknown to the majority of Greeks, Ikaria is an island where you may spend your vacations proportional to your interests. It has abundant vegetation on the mountains and the coasts are full of beaches. The island of Ikaria is an ideal place for family vacations. Busses are the main means of transportation which will take you to all of the islands' many beautiful villages. The radium healing springs of Ikaria are considered the most effective of all. You can arrive in Ikaria by boat from Piraeus and Kavala. You may also get to Ikaria via the nearby islands of Samos, Patmos and Fourni. The capital of Ikaria is Aghios Kyrikos, which is the main port of the island used mostly by the family vacationers who visit the islands natural springs. On the other side of Ikaria there exists another port at Evdilos. This is an extremely busy port due to its geographic location at the heart of Ikarian tourism.  
The Metropolis and Agios Nikolas is in the building of the secondary school. It includes clay, wooden and metal utensils and tools, wooden iconostases, icons, lithographies etc. According to tradition, the trap door below the sanctuary of the church of Aghios Dimitrios leads to a cave. It was a hiding place for the Ikariotes during the years of the pirates' invasions. Therma is the bath town of Ikaria, with hotels, restaurants, centers and a very good beach. To the west of Chora lies Lefkada. On the way to Xylosyrtis you can visit the monastery Evangelismos.

  From Aghios Kirykos to Armenistis is an excursion to north Ikaria. The village Karavostamos with a very good beach is in a distance of 12 Km. Continuing your way you will arrive in Evdilos, once the capital of the island with a picturesque small port. Its name means obvious, open horizon.
From Evdilos you can have short trips to the north, west and central areas of Ikaria. A road will lead you to the center of Ikaria also known as Messaria (in Greek Messaria means middle of the island). There are five beautiful and small villages to be found here which are Akamatra, Dafni, Petropouli, Kossikia and Stelli. From Messaria, you can take the road west to visit the rest of the island. Heading west past Evdilos, you arrive in Kampos. Here it was the location of the ancient town Oenoi or Oeni. Its earlier nomination indicated that its inhabitants cultivated vineyards. In Kampos tyere is an archeological museum with sculptures and secular bass relief's from the classical to the Hellenistic age. After Kampos a road on the left arrives in Frantato. A beautiful village in a pine wood with a nice climate and a view. Going on your way you arrive in Gialiskari. An endless beach of Livadi and of Mesahti arrives in Armenisitis, which is the port of the area Raches. West of Armenistis there is Nas, an abandoned small port with the sanctuary of Diana. Finally, from Arministis a road will lead you to the Christ of Raches, which is considered an ideal place for summer vacations.
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