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Eurocleaners has been in the business of cleaning clothes since 1991. Supported by a well-trained staff, we are capable of offering you services of the highest standards. With the most modern technical and mechanical equipment, we guarantee the best results.

We use only ecologically safe products to clean your clothes and our prices are extremely reasonable. We are constantly overlooking the quality of our work to ensure the best possible service to our customers. We offer FREE door-to-door pick up and delivery and we are always available to answer your questions.
Of the many services that we offer, dry cleaning is one of our most important. It is the best method of cleaning your clothes and helps preserve them in the process always making them look new and fresh.

Over the past decade, there have been tremendous technological advancements in the dry cleaning industry. These improvements have made dry cleaning much easier than in the past. Both the equipment and the agents which we use to clean your clothes are much safer for the people, the environment and your clothes than in the past.
We use the latest technology in machinery and chemical cleaning agents. Our cleaning products are environmentaly safe, anti-bacterial and odor-free.

Cleaning machinery and equipment are constantly being improved upon. Eurocleaners takes pride in incorporating these latest technologies in order to give our customers the best results.



It is our pleasure to pick up and deliver your clothes or carpets wherever you may be within Attica. This service is completely free of charge and we guarantee your complete satisfaction and convenience.


Spirou Mercouri 11

Pagkrati - Athens, Greece
Cell 694.51.16.667

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