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The company "Daf Electronics" of Nikos Dafnomilis was created in 1985 with the primary goal of selling electronic and electronic materials.

Up until 2002, we were located in Pagrati at Eratosthenous 10 (former Uranya). In order to better service you, due to traffic constraints and difficulties in parking, we relocated to Vironas, Kolokotroni 54.


The fact that we closely follow all technological advancements, our low prices and our outstanding service help us in becoming one of the leaders in the electricics industry and your number one choice.

After so many years, our customers have now become our friends. Our satisfied customers are our best advertisement.


At our electronics store, you will find the top name brands in the market such as Philips, Pioneer, Sony, Kicker, Praxter, AKG and many more.

Our customers include: Government Services (OTE, DEH), Government Organizations (Hospitals, Schools), Hotels, establishments located outside of the greater Attica region and throughout the rest of Greece. (cash on delivery or courier)

Your trust and our responsibility make us always keep trying towards the best.



Firm: DAF Electronics
CEO: Nikos Dafnomilis
Address: Kolokotroni 54 - VIRONAS
Mobile: 6938.760512

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