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Island of Andros
Ancient poets called Andros by the names of Hydroussa, which indicates its abundance of running water (Gk. hydor) or of Lasia, which refers to its thick vegetation (Gk. lasios = (lit.) "hairy"). Its numerous streams flow their way down to the sea, with plane-trees growing a few meters off the seaside. All this water was once used to put watermills into motion, quite unlike other Cyclades islands, where windmills have prevailed. Andros' spring water contains minerals and has healing properties. The most famous is the Sariza spring at Apikia, where the homonumous mineral water is bottled.
In Zagora, south of Paleopolis, archaeologists have unearthed a most important Geometric settlement.. All mobile findings, as well as a scale representation of the archaelogical site, are on display at the sumptuous Archaelogical Museum, donated by the Goulandris family. At the Museum, you will also have the opportunity to see findings from Andros' ancient capital, which was situated at the site of modern-day Paleopolis, including a statue of the god Hermes which was hit upon a villager.


  Homeland to nautical captains and shipowners, Andros has the longest nautical tradition amongst all the Cyclades islands. Alredy in the first years of Greek national independence the inhabitants became seafarers, thereby promoting drastically Andrian seamanship. At the church of Panayia i Thalassini (Our Lady of the Sea) prayers were made for the seafarers, but a great number thereof perished at sea. It is to them that the Statue of the Unknown Seaman at the capital (Chora) is dedicated. Nowadays, the port of Andros is second only to that of Piraeus in ship registrations. Seamanship has been a source of great wealth to the island. Some of the wonderful traditional buildings that embellish several parts of the island, such as the Museum for Modern Art, the Archaelogical Museum, the Kydonieus Foundation, the Kairis Library, have been erected thanks to donations by affluent Andrian patriots.
The island features wonderful beaches, perfect for swimming, but the most beautiful of all is the difficult of access beach of Achia. After trekking on a quite rough road, you will reach a sandy beach, or rather a small paradise on earth. The water that flows down from the mountain into the sea irrigates the watermelon fields that lie behind the shore.
Map of Cyclades Islands
Map of Andros
  The Chora (capital) of Andros is quite enchanting. It has managed to keep itself clear from all tourist developments, thereby maintaining its authenticity and nobility - its wonderful neoclassical villas standing next to whitewashed Cyclades houses, its narrow paved streets set against the blue background of the sea, which peers through almost everywhere. A stroll around the old city will take you to Embirikos St., through the Platanos Sq. where the Archaelogical Museum is situated. and then to the Monument of the Unknown Seaman and the Nautical Museum, up till the bow-shaped bridge leading to the ruins of the Venetian Castle. The famous Tourlitis lighthouse, situated at the port's entrance, is an exact replica of the old original.
Between Sineti and Exo Vouni the Dipotamati valley situated, a natural habitat for many protected species and an area of rare natural beauty. The old cobbled road proceeds through rich greenery, which shelters an abundance of the impressive Panaxia butterflies. Once, there were twenty-three watermills in operation here, many of which are still there today. With the restoration of cobbled paths and traditional watermills, which is now under way, this area will soon turn into a natural open-air museum.
A prominent position in the island's culinary tradition is reserved to Andrian sausages (andriotika loukanika). When fried in fat with eggs and potatoes, these sausages provide the basis for the tasty dish of frutalia. Another traditional dish is cock in a wine sauce (kokoras krasatos), served with spaghetti dressed with sizzling local butter. Local groceries also store the tasty Andros cheeses: spicy kopanisti, once fermented in goatskin, thereby acquiring a characteristic smell; chloro, a fresh unsaltedcheese; petroti, which is similar to feta cheese; and volaki, which is hard and salty. Moreover, pastry on Andros still preserves its nobility and idiosyncracy. It is only here that a sweet made of lemon flowers, while freshly baked almond cookies (amygdalota) and kaltsounia sell like hot bread among both locals and visitors.
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