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<<THE AMBER>> Attica Center of Worry Beads is located at Voulis 35 in Athens, very near in the Constitution Square. Here, you will find a rich collection of jewels, objects and worry beads of qualitative manufacture, made from Amber, Giousouri, Fatouran, Ivory, and by an assortment of other materials. The Worry beads found at <<THE AMBER>> Attica Center of Worry Beads are selected from the owners of the establishment Nikos and Maria Dimitrelis, and are manufactured in countries that are traditionally connected with the history of amber and worry beads. In <<THE AMBER>> Attica Center of Worry Beads, you will find worry beads of various values, made from craftsmen that follow the traditional methods of craftsmanship within their culture, such as: Greek, Syrian, Urals, Egyptian, Iranian, Azerbaijani, Yemen etc.

The Store at Voulis 35
The Store at Voulis 35
In specific, at <<THE AMBER>> Attica Center of Worry Beads you can find the following items:

Collection of Worry Beads. (Worry Beads Made From Amber, Giousouri, Fatouran, Ivory etc.)
Collection of Jewels (Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Medallions).
Collection of Objects, Walking Sticks, Paper Cutters.
Chaplets, Beads, Materials for the Assembly of Worry Beads.
Chessboards, Backgammon, Checkerboards, Pieces for Chess, Pieces for Backgammon and Checkers.
Items for Smokers (Snuff Boxes, Pipes).
Gift Items (Post Cards, Decorative Items).
• Mirrors.

...the majority of these items are made of pure amber.

Old Selected Amber Worry Beads
Pure amber was used in the ancient years (the Greek name Electron) from traditional materials for the manufacturing of beads. Physiologically therefore is born the quest for more information on this fabulous material. Amber is fossilized resin of coniferous trees from 50 up to 100 millions of years of age. Often time, within the amber is included the remains of plants and more infrequently, the skeletons of various parasites such as mosquitoes.
Amber comes in various colors (yellow, brown, coffee, red, green, blue) depending on the type of tree from which it was produced. In addition, it is transparent or semi-transparent.
The age of the amber determines the hardness as well as the quality. More specifically, amber that is 25 million years of age is not considered good quality, and its hardness (it is soft) does not allow for its manufacturing.
The main area of the world where amber is excavated is the coast of the Baltic Sea, due to the enormous extents of fossilized forests that exist in the region.
Jewelry from Silver and Amber

There are many ways, which help us distinguish natural amber from synthetic.
Certain characteristics of natural amber are:
a) That it floats on the surface of salt water.
b) It leaves us with a sense of heat when placed on the lips.
c) If carefully burnt with the nose of a heated pin, it should give off a beautiful aromatic smell depending on the tree from which it was produced (pine).
d) When rubbed against woolen material, amber can draw towards it by form of magnetism small pieces of paper.
e) If you would like to be absolutely sure for the quality and the approximate age of the amber, have it examined with a spectrograph.
Amber Bead With Skeletal Remains    
Natural amber
is frail, and for this reason we should be very careful with it and maintain it much like we would take care of any other precious item. The craftsman that manufactures the amber beads by passing the appropriate varnish undertakes the first steps towards the protection of amber. In addition, by selecting the proper silk thread in order to keep the amber beads in place to the worry bead instead of using a metal chain which will rub internally with the precious material.
The amber worry beads can be cleaned only with lukewarm water and in no case should they be cleaned with the help detergents or other chemical cleaning solutions such as sprays, which are common in the market.
Amber Beads
<<THE AMBER>> Attica Center of Worry Beads   GUARANTEES - METHODS OF PAYMENT
Most worry beads, jewels and objects that you will find in <<THE AMBER>> Attica Center of Worry Beads are hand-made. They are distinguished for their design and quality of workmanship but also for their extremely reasonable prices.
Each sale is accompanied with the appropriate documents of authenticity and signatures to guarantee product genuineness.
All major credit cards and bank cheques are accepted.
Walking Stick with Head of Amber and Silver    

<<THE AMBER>> Attica Center of Worry Beads


Name: Attica Center of Worry Beads
Nikos and Maria Dimitrelis
Voulis 35, Athens
Zip: 105 57
Telephone: from U.S. 011.30210.33.19.135
Telephone: from E.U. 00.30210.33.19.135
Fax: from U.S. 011.30210.33.19.135
Fax: from E.U. 00.30210.33.19.135
E-mail: info@kompoloi.com
Web: www.kompoloi.com

Hours of Operation:

Mon., Wed.& Sat. 9:00 - 15:00
Tue., Thur. & Fri. 9:00 - 20:30
Closed on Sunday

Chess Board Made of Amber with Leather Box
Necklace Made of Amber
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