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Island of Agathonisi
Agathonisi is the northernmost islet of the Dodecanese complex. Its name predisposes you for the tranquillity and the calm prevailing in it. The area of Katholiko is a fishing refuge with fish cultures. Its highest land peak is Dendra, 209 metres. The dismemberment of the island by the sea is impressive. Beautiful leeward bays are formed such as Cochlia, Aghios Gheorghios, Poros, and Maistros with their corresponding small caps. Agathonisi extends over a surface of approximately 14 square kilometres, has a coastline of 32 km and numbers 158 inhabitants mainly occupied with livestock and fishing, fish farming and tourism.
  Agathonisi is the ancient Yetousa. According to some researchers it owes its present name to a wrong etymology from the plant-name Angathonisi ('angathi' being the Greek translation of 'thorn'). A few ancient remains found in our island allow us to speculate that Yetousa was inhabited from way back in past. But from time to time, especially when piracy was prospering in the Aegean (and this was frequently the case from ancient times until the 19th century) the island seemed to remain uninhabited for long periods.
Only in the mid 19th century have dwellers from Patmos and Fourni permanently settled in the island and there are testimonies that in 1895 five or six families lived here.
The biggest and oldest settlement is Megalo Chorio with 100 inhabitants. In order to be protected from the pirates it was built at a site which was invisible from the sea.

Mikro Chorio, with 25 inhabitants is also invisible from the sea.

The third and more recent settlement is Ai Ghiorghis, with 33 inhabitants, at the inlet of the homonymous bay. Both bay and settlement were named after the church of Saint George, the parish church of the island.



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