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ABAGIS Jewellery & Greek Arts
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Good customer service is one of the strongest points of the company. This is mostly due to the fact that the people servicing the customers are the owners themselves. The fact that "ABAGIS Jewellery and Greek Arts" is a family-run operation means that all business activity is based on good personal relations with the customer.    

The real love for their work combined with the dependable and respectful approach with the customer, is what has helped them to establish the name "ABAGIS", as is synonymous with perfect service and cooperation.

Most jewels that you will find in "ABAGIS Jewellery and Greek Arts " are hand-made. They are distinguished for their design and quality of workmanship but also for their extremely reasonable prices.

Each sale is accompanied with the appropriate seals and signatures to guarantee product genuineness.
All major credit cards are accepted.
Company | Products | Customer Service | Advice | Gallery | Contact
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