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ABAGIS Jewellery & Greek Arts
The Abagis brothers have been in the business of jewelry since 1965. Their first location was in Constantinople, the city from where they originate. The fact that their first professional experience took place in Constantinople contributes greatly to the fact that they acquired important experience with regards to traditional Byzantine jewelry. In 1971, they moved their location to Athens where they continued their beloved profession of jewels.    
The brothers Efthimio and Traiko founded "ABAGIS Jewellery and Greek Arts " in June of 1982. Since then, they have resided in the same address which they are presently located; Mitropoleos 16 in Athens (very near the Constitution Square). The Abagis brothers have been members of the Union of Athens Jewelers for many years.

Most jewels that you will find in "ABAGIS Jewellery and Greek Arts " are hand-made. They are distinguished for their design and quality of workmanship but also for their extremely reasonable prices.

Each sale is accompanied with the appropriate seals and signatures to guarantee product genuineness.
All major credit cards are accepted.
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