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ABAGIS Jewellery & Greek Arts
The experience of the Abagis brothers guarantees the best possible purchase for the value of the item. The process that is followed at the time of sale is the basic factor for the best value towards the customer. Some important characteristics to examine prior to the purchase of your jewelry include:    
Advice before your purchase:

a) The monetary sum which you are willing to allocate.
b) The physical characteristics of the person that will wear the item.
c) The personal preference and style of the person that will wear the item.
d) Occasion of purchase - circumstance - investment
e) Usefulness of item - frequency of use.
f) Particular preferences.

After all of the parameters have been examined and having given the proportional attention to the specific needs of the customer, you will be given the opportunity to choose from a plethora of high-quality and aesthetically appealing choices.


Most jewels that you will find in "ABAGIS Jewellery and Greek Arts " are hand-made. They are distinguished for their design and quality of workmanship but also for their extremely reasonable prices.

Each sale is accompanied with the appropriate seals and signatures to guarantee product genuineness.
All major credit cards are accepted.

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